Some Asthma Remedies You Need to Consider

There are a lot of asthma remedies available, but the best asthma remedies is by identifying the root cause and preventing yourself or someone you know from being in contact with that cause for asthma. Since asthma varies from one person to another. What may be a trigger for asthma for a certain person may not be the same for the other. The severity of asthma also differs from person to person. Some of the most common triggers for asthma are dust, pollens, and strong scent from chemicals, even weather conditions can be an asthma trigger. There is no long terms asthma remedy, but there are lots of asthma remedies that you can do at home and outside of it.

Use high efficiency particulate air filters or HEPA. This is used on vacuums and air purifiers. This filter can remove micro size allergens such as pet danders, pollens, and dust. If the asthma is severe, then you can try removing the carpets since dust and other micro particles tend to stick to carpets even after a thorough vacuuming. If you are the asthmatic, war a protective mask to cover your nose and mouth while cleaning.

Outdoor allergens are quite hard to avoid. But there are asthma remedies that you can do to at the very least limit your exposure from the allergens and irritants. Try wearing protective mask when you are going out. As much as possible, limit your outdoor activities. But if you do go outside a lot, never forget the protective mask. This does not only prevent allergens from coming into your nose or mouth, but it also prevents the cold air from getting into your lungs.

Other asthma remedies especially for those severe asthma cases are prescription medications. The most common asthma remedy in the form of medication is the corticosteroids. It is given in the form of oral inhalers. This asthma remedy can gradually decrease the inflammation in the airways. Another Medication prescribed is the leukotriene blocker. This one has the ability to halt the signaling of cells to one another to flareup. Although both asthma remedies are advised by doctors and medical professionals, they are not meant as immediate asthma relief.