Minimalist Methods for Distillery Dreamers

Launch your distillery business economically

Start with the bottling process – a wise step in distillation

Starting a distillery doesn’t have to mean investing in a large facility, extensive equipment, or waiting years for your spirits to mature.

There’s a more intelligent and cost-effective way to enter the spirits industry: start as a bottler.

Core Elements of the Bottling Process.


To launch your distillery, here are the essentials:.

Ethanol: As the cornerstone of your spirits, it’s crucial to use high-quality ethanol.

Softened Consumable Water: Ascertain that the water mixed in is drinkable and softened for a delicate taste experience.

Prestige Flavoring Essences: Source a variety of essences from to create an array of spirits, from small batches to large-scale production.

Bottles: Prefer PET plastic bottles for reduced shipping expenses and their lasting quality.

Caps, Labels, and Boxes: Crucial for enclosing, branding, and transporting your items.

Manufacturing Area and Machinery

You can begin with a small production space. Look into renting space or employing a third-party producer.

A mixing vessel equipped with a stirrer, a fill machine of simple design, a manually operated capping machine, and a basic machine for labeling—or alternatively, hand-labeling—is what you’ll need.

Storage for your products can be as straightforward as using a third-party logistics warehouse or space at home.

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